Uruguay, our last chance…

… to say goodbye to some of our dearest Friends.

It’s 250 km (126 mi) from San Isidro to the big toll bridge spanning the Rio de la Plata effectively connecting Argentina and Uruguay. Thanks to the German author Karl May I always had a romantic picture of the Rio de la Plata being a blue silver shimmering expanse of water ;-D But already in Buenos Aires I had to adapt my fantasy to the brown murk of reality. Maybe the inundations they currently have along the tributaries aren’t helping either.

Our 31st country on this trip seems to have little to offer apart from the beaches along the Atlantic Coast. But honestly, at home, what do we really know about Uruguay? Well, our first stop, in the small town of Fray Bentos,

on the Rio de la Plata, proofed to be educative. The Museo de la Revolución Industrial

is located here. The huge industrial complex,

founded in 1865 by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company, used to be a real village beside the town.

Its main product: the Oxo cube!

In its heyday they slaughtered 1’600 cows –

and an unnamed number of sheep – daily. These were processed into the famous stock (broth) cubes, Corned Beef and about 150 other products.

Since its shutdown in 1979, the buildings decay despite the UNESCO funds.

The next riding day showed Uruguay as a green plain with a lot of agriculture. A short side trip down a country lane told us

it wasn’t the time to try some off-road.

Colonia del Sacramento is the oldest town in Uruguay.

As town with a small colonial center

she enticed us with good weather, astonishing old-timers

and the historical buildings, of course.

Naturally, the town is situated on the Rio de la Plata.

Slide show: Uruguay

For the last time in South America some of our dearest friends were assembled at one spot.

Kanako (Coco), Takeshi and Wasabi had already shipped their car to Europe. They would be flying from Buenos Aires to Amsterdam at the end of March. They plan to explore Europe for three months before they start their overland journey home to Japan. Mid-March Mandi and John would load their van into a container to ship it back to Florida but fly ahead on March, 18th. We spend two nights at Chacra Holandesa with all of them.

Then, to soften the goodbyes a bit, we spent another two days with Mandi and John in a rainy Montevideo

– mainly exploring the local gastronomy.

A quick glance at the Rio de la Plata confirmed: Yep, it’s still brown!

Everything must come to an end – like the comfortable, funny meetings with our friends. Riding out of Montevideo I shed a couple of melancholic tears. Most of our friends were already long gone. But soon I had to concentrate on traffic and our next destination.


Yes, my heartrate still accelerates when we head for a new destination. Curiosity takes over. Antsy, with a – I’m pretty sure – stupid grin on my face, I sit on the bike – following Thomas into the next adventure!

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