Good times in “Good Airs”

Buenos Aires, the City of the Good Airs (or Winds), as her seafaring city founders called her.

Puerto Madero

Our apartment wasn’t in downtown but in the suburb of San Isidro – a small village in the big metropole.

The hottest as well as the rainiest days were simply spent in our apartment. But on the nice days, we explored the city. District after district, n;ms

La Boca

neighborhood after neighborhood. Strolls through the pedestrian zone of the Centro

Galerías Pacífico

and along the basins of Puerto Madero.

We gained a first impression of the “Casa Rosada,

the presidential palace – tried to imagine what it was like when Eva Perón or even Madonna (in “Evita”) were standing on its balcony, gazing out onto Plaza de Mayo.

We met up with other bikers,

With M’hamed, Arjan and Lisa in Recoleta

had a delicious Moroccan dinner at M’hamed’s place,

watched Tango

in San Telmo

and visited La Boca.

The football (soccer) stadium “La Bombonera”, where young Diego Maradona had his first success, is in the La Boca neighborhood. Therefore he’s omnipresent in the small district.

La Boca is colorful, humoristic and as touristy as it can get.

On a sunny day, Thomas had to work on the KTMs.

After 43’000 km (27’000 mi) resp. 39’000 km (24’000 mi) the chains were goners.

Old versus new

We visited the cemetery of La Recoleta,

where the rich, the influential and famous find their final resting place.

To round off our B.A. experience, we even cycled through the parks of Palermo.

Floralis Genérica, the solar powered flower

Buenos Aires provides its citizens – and tourists – with free to use bicycles.

BA EcoBici

During the week for one hour at the time, but after a wait of 5 minutes you can retrieve a new one. On weekends you can use the bicycle for three hours.

Slide show: Buenos Aires

The “Casa Rosada” can be visited on a free guided tour.

Inner Courtyard of the Casa Rosada

We were lucky to participate in an English tour.

Since the “poor” president had to work on that sunny Saturday, we enjoyed a somewhat shortened tour.

Evita Perón is still very present.

In the “Casa Rosada” they dedicated her a flight of rooms.

Her image decorates houses.

And her grave in La Recoleta Cemetery is very likely the most visited.

Argentineans place flowers, some even shed a tear or two – and the tourists flock in mass…

But why you find Frida Kahlo’s image all over Central- and South America remains a mystery to us.

A last excursion let us into the area of the government buildings,

Congreso de la Nación Argentina

an obelisk that reminds of the Place de la Concorde in Paris,

then a side trip in an old cinema that now serves as a book store

and our month was up. Time to load the KTMs and hit the road again. We had a rendezvous with very dear friends that we just had to make 😀

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