Patagonian break

Three weeks without riding the motorbike… Three weeks living in a small cabaña in El Calafate…

Okay, almost no riding. Sadly, we had to move once in these three weeks.

We said our goodbye to Steve, then moved into our first place. A bit out of town, but still in walking distance.

Thomas finally had time to service the KTMs. He even cleaned the air filters.

Changing the brake pads on my front wheel proved to be a bit of a challenge. The caliper was stuck on the pins it’s supposed to slide on. With good advice from ADVriders and some action on his side the matter was successfully resolved.

He even got rid of his beloved gloves that have been protecting his hands for over 7 years.

I had no problem keeping myself busy 😀 Having to overcome the challenge of baking in a gas oven. Too bad that I started the whole experiment with brownies. They ended up with a very dark rim. Since there wasn’t a suitable form to make them in, Thomas had screwed off the handle of the frying pan. It worked so well that I not only baked the brownies in it but as well onion pie.

The onion pie turned out to be perfect. So good, that I had to repeat it. A pumpkin pie was to follow. I made the rest of our Christmas cookies with the simplest tools available.

Luckily, we are quite good at improvising.

A wine bottle as rolling pin,

a wooden ladle as egg beater and mixer…

Our relocation brought us closer to town. Right at the entrance of town we found that microbrewery where we did spend a bit of time every now and then. The offer was manifold,

the beer good

and the atmosphere cozy.

I spent quite some time cooking. Christmas we had some appetizers

followed by pumpkin soup,

then beef roast in red wine sauce.

Dessert: Christmas cookies 😀

On December 28, the Patagonian wind blew Steve back to us.

We will spend New Year together. Then, on January 2nd, he will move on to Buenos Aires while Thomas and I will start out on the last leg of our journey to the End of the World.

I hope, you all had a nice, peaceful Christmas Holiday.

We wish you a smooth slide into the New Year and a very successful 2019!

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